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Program 2021

Annual Meeting

27 MAY 2021
Program | Abstract book


1. Contribution of measuring complement regulatory factors in blood as part of the evaluation of patients with thrombotic microangiopathy
S. Bisselele, P. Stordeur, J. Smet, J. Gleeson, D. Abramowicz, A. Massart
2. The choice between deceased and living donor kidney transplantation in children and adolescents: a multicentric cross-sectional study.
L. Dierickx, L. Willem, A. Raes, K. Van Hoeck, K. Van Cauwenberghe, J. Vande Walle, E. Swauwaert,
E. Levtchenko, N. Knops, A. Prytula
3. Variability of bioimpedance measurements in hemodialysis patients.
F. Collart, M. Taghavi, T. Salaouatchi, G. Musigazi, M. Mesquita
4. Renal outcome and life expectancy in a Belgian elderly population with chronic kidney failure; a retrospective study.
R. Vleut, L. de Waele, K. Wouters, R. Hellemans, A. Massart, E. Philipse, K. Leyssens, D. Abramowicz,
M.M. Couttenye
5. "Is polyomavirus associated nephropathy more common in kidney transplant recipients exposed to valganciclovir?" ~ A retrospective single center analysis ~
A. Bertels, K. Wouters, V. Wijtvliet, A. Massart, K. Bergs, V. Mattheeussen, D. Abramowicz, R. Hellemans
6. Human stool metabolome differs upon 24-hour blood pressure levels and blood ressure dipping status: a prespective longitudinal study.
J. Huart, A. Cirillo, B. Taminiau, J. Descy, A. Saint-Remy, G. Daube, JM Krzesinski, P. Melin, P. de Tullio,
F. Jouret
7. Colon transporters in chronic kidney disease: a potential target to reduce microbiome-derived uremic toxins?
M. Lauriola, S. Dejongh, B. Meijers
8. Effect of kidney stone prevention on urinary risk factors for kidney stone formation and new stone formation: a single centre retrospective cohort study.
F. Janssens, C. Tielemans, L. Vonckx, KM. Wissing, E. Van de Perre
9. Dietary fibre intake is associated with serum levels of uraemic toxins in children with Chronic Kidney Disease.
A. El Amouri, E. Snauwaert, A. Foulon, C. Vande Moortel, M. Van Dyck, K. Van Hoeck, N. Godefroid, G. Glorieux, W. Van Biesen, J. Vande Walle, A. Raes, S. Eloot
10. Peritoneal dialysis initiation to treat end stage kidney disease during pregnancy: a report of 2 cases.
L. Jacobs, S. Kaysi, M. Mesquita, C. Fosso, A. Carlin, I. Brayer, M. Dratwa.
11. A kinetics based algorithm to treat acute neonatal hyperammonemia.
E. Snauwaert, J. De Rudder, P. Verloo, E. Dhont, A. Raes, W. Van Biesen, S. Eloot
12. Systematic screening for sars-cov-2 s1/s2 antibodies helps to better assess the real incidence of covid-19 in kidney transplant recipients.
L. Firket, P. Huynen, C. Bonvoisin, A. Bouquegneau, M-H Delbouille, S. Grosch, F. Jouret, L. Weekers
13. Timing and duration of pre-transplant screening for renal transplantation: Reasons for delay and room for improvement.
M. Dirix, E. Philipse, R. Vleut, V. Hartman, B. Bracke, T. Chapelle, G. Roeyen, D. Ysebaert, G. Van Beeumen,
A. Massart, K. Leyssens, M.M. Couttenye, D. Abramowicz, R. Hellemans
14. Functional paracelular permeability of the colon in rats with kidney disease.
S. Dejongh, M. Lauriola, R. Farré, B. Meijers
15. Mysterious diagnosis in a child with failure to thrive.
A. Matthys, L. Gheuens, S. Karamaria, A. Prytula, E. Snauwaert, L. Dossche, J. Vande Walle,
J. Dehoorne, A. Raes
16. Reduced incidence of treated kidney failure (KF)) in 2020 : a Covid-19 effect ?
L.Jacobs, F.Collart, T.Baudoux, C.Bonvoisin, JM De Smet, A Devresse, J Mbaba, L Radermacher, JM des Grottes
17. Chronic acetaminophen use: a rare but emerging cause of 5-oxoproline-induced increased anion gap metabolic acidosis.
E. Devolder, W. Rosseel, A. Van Der Veen, M. Van Hemelen, P. Verschueren, A. Wilmer , P. Vermeersch,
K. Claes
18. 12-Month Analysis of ILLUMINATE-A, a Phase 3 Study of Lumasiran: Sustained Oxalate Lowering and Kidney Stone Event Rates in Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1
A. Devresse1, J. M Saland, J. Groothoff, Y. Frishberg, S-A Hulton, M. Koren, J. Scott Overcash,
A-L Sellier-Leclerc, G. Deschenes, H. Shasha-Lavsky, W. Hayes, D. Fuster, D. Magen, S. H Moochhala, M. Coenen, E. Simkova, S.F Garrelfs, D.J, Sas, K. Meliambro, T. Ngo, K. Fujit8, J.M Gansner, T.L McGregor, J. C Lieske
19. The irradiation-induced renal ischemic preconditioning is blunted by the oral administration of the antiangiogenic agent, sunitinib
B. Khbouz, F. Lallemand, P.l Rowart, L. Poma, JM Krezenski, N. Eddine Sounni, A. Noel, F. Jouret
20. ADPKD, cytopenia and transplant outcomes.
P. Schellekens, D. Mekahli, I. Meyts, R. Vennekens, B. Bammens
21. Potassium and fibre: a controversial couple in the nutritional management of children with Chronic Kidney
A. El Amouri, K. Delva, A. Foulon, C. Vande Moortel, K. Van Hoeck, G. Glorieux, W. Van Biesen, J. Vande Walle, A. Raes, E. Snauwaert, S. Eloot
22. Impact of COVID-19 on the peritonitis rate in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients (Pts); a monocentric
retrospective study
L. Jacobs, J. Nortier, I. Brayer, C. Fosso, M. Mesquita, F. Collart, M. Dratwa
23. Optimised amoxicillin/clavulanic acid dosing in patients on chronic high-flux haemodialysis
K. De Schuyter, P.J. Colin, F. Vanommeslaeghe, S. Delanghe, P. De Cock, P. De Paepe, W. Van Biesen, S. Eloot
24. The heterogenous spectrum of nephrotic syndrome in a hiv positive patient: a case report.
P Braet, B. Sprangers, P. De Munter

State of the Art | Transplantation

16 DEC 2021

National events

"Online Class Academy": a series of free webinars on kidney stone disease


The twice monthly virtual meetings on Thursday 06:00 PM CET (Central European time) corresponding to 11:00 AM Central Standard Time (CST) will include a 'vignette case', lecture given by one of remarkable teachers and speakers followed by a question-answer session.
Join the sessions by this unique link:

program (PDF)

Public PhD defense of dr. Karlien François

9 JUNE 2021

The dissertation is entitled "The hemodialysis circuit unclogged: understanding clotting during hemodialysis in the quest for a hemodialysis strategy without systemic anticoagulation".

The public defense will be streamed throughçois.php.


Symposium in the honour of Pr J-M Krzesinski

23 SEPT 2021


Hemodialyse Update: van theorie naar praktijk

1-2 OCT 2021


International events

Nephro Update Europe

10-11 SEPT 2021





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